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We Buy Used

Many of you know that we take TRADES, but did you also know that†WE BUY USED? Bring your unit to the store for an appraisal, then simply pick out the new unit that you'd like to trade in on, or we'll just purchase your unit directly at the appraised value! It really is that simple.

Benefits of†selling to Kelowna Honda vs. Privately:

  1. We pay on the spot!
  2. You donít have to offer test rides on your own insurance
  3. You donít have to deal with buyers wasting your time and missing set appointments
  4. We look after all the required paperwork
  5. No continued out of pocket expense to keep it insured while you are waiting to sell
  6. You arenít tortured by your bike sitting there and judging you for selling itÖ†haha kidding on this one...kind of.

CALL or EMAIL us to see what your unit might be worth today!


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