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Mission, Vision and Values

MISSION – Provide quality products and exceptional service by certified fun loving professionals whose sole job is to “WOW” customers.

VISION – Kelowna Honda Powerhouse will become the most successful Honda Powerhouse dealer in Canada, achieved by measuring and comparing all Honda Powerhouse dealers in the following categories:

1.     CSI-Customer satisfaction, one of the top 3 dealers in Canada

2.      Spader Employee Satisfaction Survey of 90% or higher

3.      Meeting or exceeding our goals set jointly by Honda Canada and KHP


Integrity - Doing what is right to earn trust and build long term relationships

Team Work - Working together to achieve an environment that is productive and enjoyable for all

Financial Health - Financial stability and success for all

Excellence - Exceeding expectations 

We are always looking for great people to join our team! If you align with our values and believe that you would be a great fit with our team, please email us your resume and cover letter.

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