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Has Extended Warranty until April 2022! Equipped with skid plate, engine guards, hand guards & knobby tires.

Has Extended Warranty until April 2022!

You may not be a movie star or a grizzled survivalist, but you still like to get out there and take the road less travelled. With a number of great features including a 75 cc jump in displacement, the NC750X may be the perfect travel companion. Taller gearing extracts maximum performance from the new engine’s horsepower and torque increase, while retaining the NC’s relaxed power delivery and outstanding fuel economy. And to make sure the larger engine retains the uncanny smoothness and unique feel of its predecessor, a second balance shaft and a new muffler have been added. More aggressive dual-sport tires help when the road less travelled isn’t paved and more comprehensive instrumentation helps put your mind at rest by keeping you informed when you’re miles from anywhere. Of course, the 750 version retains many of the attributes and features that made the NC700X so popular - long travel suspension, generous ground clearance, ABS brakes, upright seating position and the cavernous storage area where the fuel tank would normally sit. So wherever your adventure takes you, go your own way, go on a Honda NC750X.

Honda NC750X - go your own way round.


Model Year
Sale Price
Sword Silver Metallic
Stock Number
Additional Pricing Info
SAFETY Inspected and Fully SERVICED


485 lbs. (220 kg)
60.6 in. (1,540 mm)
Seat Height
32.7 in. (830 mm)


Parallel-twin with 55° slant angle & 270° phase crank, chain-driven SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
745 cc
Bore x Stroke
77 x 80 mm
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity
14.1 l


Final Drive
#520 O-ring sealed chain


Front: 320 mm wave disc with 2-piston caliper
Rear: 240 mm wave disc with 1-piston caliper with ABS
Front: 120/70ZR-17 radial
Rear: 160/60ZR-17 radial


Front: 41 mm telescopic fork; 5.4 in. (137 mm) travel
Rear: Pro-Link single shock swingarm; 5.9 in. (150 mm) travel

Standard Features

Engine / Drivetrain
 Designed to be light and compact, extremely stingy on fuel and to conserve resources during manufacturing, the liquid-cooled, inline-twin engine used in the NC750X incorporates numerous advanced and patented technologies. An extra 75 cc capacity has been added thanks to a 4 mm bore increase to 77 mm. Stroke remains at 80 mm, as does compression ratio of 10.7:1. As a result, both power and torque curves are considerably stronger throughout the entire rev-range.  
 To ensure strong acceleration, ease-of-use in the city and a relaxed character on the highway, the engine delivers exceptionally strong low-rpm performance. The unique design creates a muscular, easy-to-use powerband not unlike that of a big-bore cruiser.  
 To give the engine a satisfying and distinctive sound and feel, engineers thought way outside the box. An extra balancer shaft has been added to inject the engine with just the right amount of ‘good’ vibration. The effect of the twin balancers is to counteract vibration from higher rpm inertia, making the engine feel more refined, yet still with the distinct “throb” delivered by its 270° firing order. The intake-port layout inside the cylinder head was carefully designed to create an intentional interference between adjacent ports, which results in subtle combustion variations. In addition, the timing for the opening and closing of the intake valves was set differently for each cylinder. The result? An engine that always lets you know what it’s doing.  
 Overall gearing is now 6% taller, giving an extra 12 km/h top speed and more relaxed highway cruising; another effect of the taller gearing is to broaden the usable rpm range relative to road speed and the rev-limiter features a softer cut point at 6,400 rpm.  
 The six-speed manual transmission complements the powerband by using wide gear ratios – no need to be constantly shifting up and down to maintain strong performance.  
 The engine’s inline cylinders are canted forward by 62 degrees to help create a low overall center of gravity for nimble, confidence-inspiring handling, and also to create room for a convenient central storage area where the cylinders and fuel tank would typically be.  
 Through the use of friction-reducing technologies, integrated components (such as running the water pump off the camshaft), precise PGM-FI electronic fuel-injection and efficient combustion, the NC750X engine delivers exceptional fuel economy.  
 The engine’s efficient use of fuel enables the use of a smaller-volume, more-compact fuel tank that still allows ample riding range while giving engineers extra freedom to re-think the optimal placement of other components.  
 The exhaust catalytic converter sits directly beneath the exhaust ports and is activated early when the engine starts. This design lets the combustion gas pass through the catalyst while it is at its hottest, thereby maximizing purification efficiency.  
 Muffler design with heavily revised internals to regulate backpressure due to the capacity increase further adds to the riding experience, with a more inspiring beat and exhaust note.  
Chassis / Suspension
 Although lightweight, the diamond-shaped steel-tube frame was carefully designed to be very sturdy while also allowing just enough flexibility to respond smoothly to changing road surfaces. This 'tuned flexibility' produces a smooth ride while also letting you feel what the bike is doing. The result? Comfort when you’re just cruising, and a sporty, fun ride when you’re on your favorite twisty backroad.  
 Like the engine, the chassis is all about creating a ride that’s fun and user-friendly. The seating position is comfortably upright and relaxed, and the chassis geometry allows the NC750X to maneuver nimbly through the city or on winding cottage roads.  
 Seat height is 830 mm and the seat now features a new cover for improved grip. The riding position is upright and neutral, with a high viewpoint for enhanced hazard perception; the addition of a 6-position span-adjustable brake lever adds adaptability. Another advantage of this adventure-style riding position is great low-speed control – combined with the low center of gravity and generous steering lock the result is exceptional low-speed handling and balance.  
 Cast aluminium front and rear wheels wear new Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires, 120/70 ZR17 and 160/60 ZR17, with a more aggressive off-road style tread pattern.  
 Honda’s Combined Braking System with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) provides added confidence during sudden stops or when the road is wet or slippery.  
 Specially designed wave-style brake rotors not only keep unsprung weight low, they also require less energy and use less material during production because the rear rotor fits precisely inside the front rotor, allowing them to be stamped out of a single sheet of stainless steel at once.  
Additional Features
 Thanks to a carefully shaped fairing, the NC750X is comfortable when cruising at speed with the windscreen and bodywork diverting wind around the rider, minimizing fatigue.  
 The 14.1-liter fuel tank is accessed beneath the seat at the rear of the bike, with the fuel stored beneath the rider. The tail cowl has been cut short to bring the mass forward, and handy grips have been integrated into the tail section for passenger security.  
 Where the fuel tank would be on most bikes, the NC750X instead has a large-capacity (21 liters), lockable utility compartment that’s big enough to hold an XL-size helmet. Don’t want to carry all your gear when you arrive at your destination? This handy compartment allows you to quickly stash your helmet, gloves and more out of sight.  
 The clear and easy-to-read instrument display features a digital speedometer, digital bar-type tachometer, clock, bar-type fuel meter and two trip meters. Updates include a gear position indicator, ‘instant’, ‘average’ and ‘range remaining’ fuel indication plus coolant temperature and ambient air temperature.  

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