Tech Talk

November Tech Talk

With the cold weather now fully approaching it's time to properly get your bike and or power equipment ready for winter. Last month we spoke about the importance of fuel maintenance, oil changes as well as making sure your battery is kept on a tender. 

Once your bike is put away for the winter it is always a good idea to periodically check your tire pressure and not allow them to get too low. Tires by design are porous and can lose pressure over time so we do recommend checking them monthly. 

One of the questions we receive quite often is, “Is it really okay to leave my battery on charge all winter?". The short answer is yes. Modern trickle type battery chargers are much more sophisticated now than ever before. They have the capability of monitoring battery voltage at all times and only charging when they get to a predetermined point. They will only charge as far as needed and then “float charge “ after that. 

Now with winter setting in it can be a good time to take a look over the bike thoroughly. Check for any corrosion on chrome parts and perhaps any scratches that may have occurred through the year to your paint work. Rusty chrome can be easily cleaned and rebuffed with a good quality chrome polish available almost anywhere. Paint scratches can often be buffed out with a quality cut polish and wax. Keeping your bike in good cosmetic shape is excellent for resale value and in doing so it will be nice and clean and ready to go come spring time.

ATV & Motorcycle Winterization Package

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  • Engine oil & filter change (Honda GN4 10W40 oil)
  • Top up fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer or drain carburetor
  • Complete 25 Point Health Check
  • Set tire pressures

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